Workshops & Seminars:

A wide range of seminars and workshops are held at AFRO-ASIAN INSTITUTE. Eminent Scientists, Academia elites and Industrial representatives share their research based ideas in seminars with special reference to the role of engineering, management, Health Sciences in their specific fields. It provides an opportunity for our students to further enhance their knowledge.

As an academic institute, AFRO-ASIAN INSTITUTE plays a leading role in facilitating the exchange of information and furthering education by coordinating workshops, meetings and conferences throughout the Country.

The Institute provides an unparalleled platform for intellectual exchanges and mobilising the planning, execution and monitoring of scientific inquiry and action in the fields of Management. Every year it brings together close to 300 scholars and researchers around topics that cover well-established research agenda’s as well as emerging issues in the field of Management at large.

A number of workshops and conferences are co-organised with other Research Centres, Universities or Business Schools and held in their premises. In this way the AFRO-ASIAN INSTITUTE activities are really spread out throughout the Country.