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Office of Career Services

Career Services Department


O.C.S is the platform to guide and train the students of Afro Asian institutes. A dynamic trained team of career development professionals has established the facility for converting the students into competent professionals. The O.C.S would develop the students on moral values, enhance their knowledge and train them in required skills related to the current industrial trends.

The O.C.S would also establish a bridge between the industry and institute by which students and management would find a large pool of links to support various tasks like job placements, internships, industrial visits, and research projects. We welcome you all to visit O.C.S and experience our valuable services.

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Career Services


  • Student Counseling
  • Liaison Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Alumni Affairs
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Student Counseling


  • Personality scrutiny (For career advice)
  • Personal branding
  • Career choice
  • Industry selection
  • Job search techniques
  • C.V writing and Cover letter
  • Career shifts
  • Study abroad
  • Scholarships
  • Interview taking tactics
  • Interview follow-up
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Liaison Management


  • Job placement
  • Internships and projects
  • Seminars
  • Training sessions
  • Industrial visits
  • Events
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  • Business proposal
  • Proposal screening
  • Psychometric testing
  • Coaching
  • Public relations
  • Supervision
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Alumni Affairs


  • Database of all students
  • Strong relationships building with alumni
  • Constant relationship-building program
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Covering topics from classes to politics and student organization events.

Azra Naheed Medical College

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Faculty Training on Branding

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Faculty Training on Leadership

Personal Branding at Superior University

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Service Quality at Al-Razi

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Service Quality by Dr. Amaad Uppal

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Team OCS